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Please see the release notes for the latest versions of CloudM Automate (v2.12.0 released on 7th May 2024) below. 

v.2.12.0 Release Notes (May 7th 2024)


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Removal of Migrate in Automate and AD Connector.

This release wraps up our commitment earlier this year to refine CloudM Automate by discontinuing the 'Migrate' menu item and the 'AD Connector' integration. Our decision was rooted in our focus to prioritise features that best serve our customers and support the evolution of the product.

Smart Teams moved under 'Directory' 

We have moved Smart Teams under Directory as it is a core functionality for all our CloudM modules, not just Automate.

Smart Teams

This release also contains several bug fixes and improvements. 


v.2.11.0 Release Notes (March 6th 2024)


  • In offboarding, in the 'Migrate Calendar Step' the remove resources from calendar events option now only removes resources for future events not historical events. 
  • You can now bulk retry failed offboardings. 
  • For Backup customers, we now require them to provide a domain-wide delegated service account. There is a new area in 'Settings' to allow Backup customers to provide this.
  • Several small bug fixes. 

v.2.10.1 Release Notes (8th February 2024)

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Workflow Email Templates. 

You can now edit the emails that go out as part of an Offboarding Workflow.

You must assign the 'View and Edit Workflow Email Templates' permission to view this.

You can edit your offboarding workflow templates by going to Automate and Workflow Email Templates. Here you are able to edit the email templates that go out for the following workflow notifications:

  • Transferred Resources Email
  • Completed Offboarding Email
  • Failed Offboarding Email
  • Request Approval Workflow Email
  • Prompt for Resource
  • Allocation Workflow Email
  • Delete User Workflow Email

You can then apply these templates to your offboarding workflows. 

Please read this article and watch the video for full details.

It is very important you add the $workflowGeneratedContent variable to your email templates.

If you do not create workflow email templates you will just be sent the standard system email that is sent out at the moment.

Google. Workflow Email Templates
Ability to offboard users at a chosen time

You can now offboard a user at a specified date AND time. You do this by going to the user profile clicking Actions and Set End Date/Time

You can select a date and time on the hour in GMT. Please note the user may be offboarded +-1 hour of the time selected so please pick a time accordingly. 

Google Users>Actions

New domain insight that shows a list of users who have a Manager who is suspended or deleted. 

There is a new Domain Insights statistic on the Dashboard that allows you to see if any users have a manager on their profile who is suspended or deleted. If they do this will be shown under Tips for Improvements. You can click for a list of these users and if you wish do a bulk export and import to update their Manager.



'Remove or Replace User as Manager' step in offboarding

If a user being offboarded is a manager this step will remove or replace them from the 'Manager' field of any associated user profiles. If you click the 'Replace manager' checkbox you can pick who you'd like the offboarding Manager to be replaced with.


Offboarding Policy & Process for Google Workspace

Ability to update profile information when an offboarding user is in the 'Failed' and 'Retry' state.

In certain steps of offboarding that involve transfer of resources, if the target is a Manager who has been deleted the workflow will fail with an error "User not Found". The workflow will try to retry the step 5 times. 

Now, in this retry state you can edit the user's profile and update the manager before triggering a retry. You can only update an offboarding user's profile in this circumstance to prevent errors.



v.2.9.1 Release Notes (5th December 2023)

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Removal of unsupported features in our Microsoft Platform. 

Earlier this year we announced we no longer could support some features of our Microsoft Automate Platform. This is due to Microsoft deprecating Remote Powershell. 

The unsupported features have been removed from Microsoft Automate as part of this release. 

Microsoft. N/A
Enhanced Ability to Search for Inactive Users

You can now easily use the search bar to find users that are Inactive. 

Searching "NOT lastLogin within X days, Y months, Z years" shows results of logins older than the specified time frame.

Searching "lastLogin within X days, Y months, Z years" shows search results of logins within the specified time. Days, months, and years can be searched in any order and you do need to specify all three. 

An example would be "NOT lastLogin within 56days" would show any users who had not logged in in the last 56 days. 

Google/Microsoft Search Fields

More statistics related to Inactive Users display on the 'Dashboard' 

Previously on the dashboard we only showed 'X Users have not logged in over the last 30 days.' With this release we have expanded this to show 60 & 90 days too. 




v2.9.0 Release Notes (15th November 2023)


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“Assign Google Workspace License” Step in Offboarding A new step in offboarding that applies a GWS license to a user. This step either REMOVES the user's Google AU license which by default reassigns them their GWS license OR if they have a Cloud Identity License you can select the license you wish to assign them from the drop-down. 

This is useful as certain steps in offboarding require a user to have Mail and/or Drive Active (I.e Archive OR Transfer Ownership for example) if a user does not have a GWS license these steps will fail. This new step will allow you to assign the user a full license for the workflow automatically. 

Please note to remove the license you must ensure you have 'Unassign License' step in your workflow.
Google Offboarding Policy & Process for Google Workspace

Offboarding and Archive Statistics now show on the Dashboard. 

Currently, Offboarding & Archive Stats are not shown on the dashboard and are not very intuitive to find. We have added these to the Dashboard so you can easily see all your statistics related to offboarding. 



Sync Email Signature at Smart Team level

Allows you to push through a manual sync of email signatures for a Smart Team. This will be done by going into the Smart Team clicking ‘Actions’ and then ‘Sync Email Signatures’

Previously, you have only been able to push a manual sync through at OU level.


Smart Teams


Improvements/Bug Fixes: 

  • Several small bug fixes and improvements. 
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