Automate Release Notes

Please see the release notes for the latest versions of CloudM Automate (v2.7 released on 31st July 2023) below. 


v2.9.0 Release Notes (15th November 2023)


Enhancements Description Platform Links to article(s) in Knowledge Base
“Assign Google Workspace License” Step in Offboarding A new step in offboarding that applies a GWS license to a user. This step either REMOVES the user's Google AU license which by default reassigns them their GWS license OR if they have a Cloud Identity License you can select the license you wish to assign them from the drop-down. 

This is useful as certain steps in offboarding require a user to have Mail and/or Drive Active (I.e Archive OR Transfer Ownership for example) if a user does not have a GWS license these steps will fail. This new step will allow you to assign the user a full license for the workflow automatically. 

Please note to remove the license you must ensure you have 'Unassign License' step in your workflow.
Google Offboarding Policy & Process for Google Workspace

Offboarding and Archive Statistics now show on the Dashboard. 

Currently, Offboarding & Archive Stats are not shown on the dashboard and are not very intuitive to find. We have added these to the Dashboard so you can easily see all your statistics related to offboarding. 



Sync Email Signature at Smart Team level

Allows you to push through a manual sync of email signatures for a Smart Team. This will be done by going into the Smart Team clicking ‘Actions’ and then ‘Sync Email Signatures’

Previously, you have only been able to push a manual sync through at OU level.


Smart Teams


Improvements/Bug Fixes: 

  • Several small bug fixes and improvements. 
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