How to manually archive a user's Mail, Drive and Chat data



Please note that there are limitations to archiving chat data (as described in Changes to archiving of Google Chat data). 

Archiving chat data is not supported at all for Microsoft domains.



Fair use policy - Each user (identified by the User ID) can only be archived for a maximum of 5 times, by default. CloudM Archive will display an error if this level is exceeded. The Fair Use Policy is an existing part of the terms and conditions for CloudM Archive.



Data is only archived from a user's Drive. Items that the user has access to in Shared Drives will not be archived.


To archive a user’s email, drive and chat data (as part of offboarding):

  1. On the Directory > Users screen, search for the user that you want to offboard.
  2. Once you have found them, click on the row to show their user profile.
  3. Select Actions > Offboard User.


  1. The user will be offboarded according to the Offboarding Policy assigned to them (either as a member of an Organizational Unit or a Smart Team).
  2. Once the user has been offboarded, select Archive > Archive Status section. You will see the process listed in the table and can view whether it was successful, aborted or failed, and the data types that were archived (Drive, Mail and Chat, depending on the data types selected for the Archive step in the relevant Offboarding Policy).


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