Backup prerequisites

You'll need the following to start using CloudM Backup:

  • CloudM Automate
  • CloudM Backup (enabled by a CloudM representative)

Google Cloud Storage

  • Access to Google Cloud via
  • A valid Google Cloud Billing Account
  • GCP configured correctly (see Google Cloud Storage Setup):
    • A new Customer owned Google Cloud Project with the above Billing Account assigned to it
    • A Google Cloud Service Account created in the above Project
    • Optional: Enable the Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API if not already enabled
      • Search for KMS in the search field, or select Security > Key Management.
      • If presented with a screen to enable API, click Enable
    • Google Cloud Storage

Amazon S3

  • Access to AWS via
  • A valid AWS Billing Account
  • AWS S3 configured correctly (see Amazon S3 Setup):
    • A User with access credentials configured
    • An IAM Policy to limit the above users access
    • Optional: A custom KMS key to encrypt the data at rest (AWS S3 already encrypts blobs by default)
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