Use an image in MyDrive in your signature 

Important! Google has announced changes to how images are served. If you are an existing customer and used "uc?id=" in your image link you will need to update the links to your images. We have provided a temporary solution below but as Google doesn't recommend using images from MyDrive this could break if Google make changes. We highly recommend using your own site or a dedicated image hosting site (such as Flickr, Imgur) when including images in your email signature. Please see our article HERE on how to host an image in GCP.


1. Ensure the image in your MyDrive Share settings is 'Anyone with a link'

2. Go to the following site:

3. Paste the Sharing link to the image into the 'Google Drive Link' field.

4. Click 'Generate Embed Code' 

5. Cope the 'Direct Image Link' generated by the tool.

On the Email signature creation page, place the cursor where you would like the image to go. Then, select 'Insert' > 'Image' and paste the new link into the Source field. There is no need to enter a Description or edit the Dimensions

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