Use an image hosted in GCP in your signature

Google does not recommend using web-hosted images from Google Drive. We highly recommend you host your images in your own GCP bucket.  This will ensure no disruption to your email signature images should Google make any further changes. 

For full in-depth instructions on hosting images in GCP please see Google's article.

Or for condensed instructions please see below: 

  1. Create a Google Cloud project if you don't have one that can be used for this already. 
  2. Ensure billing is enabled on this Google Cloud project to ensure people can still see your image if/when you exceed the free quota.
  3. Create a storage bucket.
  4. Upload your image to the bucket.
  5. Grant allUsers access to the image
  6.  Once shared publicly, a link icon appears for each object in the public access column. You can click this icon to get the URL for the object. Copy the public access link.
  7. In the CloudM email signature editor place the cursor where you would like the image to go. Then, select 'Insert' > 'Image' and paste the public access link into the Source field. You can optionally enter a Description or edit the Dimensions
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