My Profile panel

The My Profile panel is an informational panel designed to let you view and edit your details, see which Smart Teams and Groups you are a member of, and view and share your contact groups. You are also able to configure some additional Actions that affect your account.

To get to the My Profile panel:

  • Select the User Profile icon in the header bar.
  • Select My Profile on the drop down profile box.
  • The My Profile panel will slide in from the right hand side of the screen.



In the top section of the panel, you can view:


  1. Organizational Hierarchy - You can view which Organizational Unit you belong to. Clicking on the OU link will take you to informational panel for the Organizational Unit.
  2. Profile Icon - This is your current profile image that appears in the header. Clicking on the camera symbol allows you to change the picture.
  3. Status - Displays whether the user is active or suspended.
  4. User Name - Displays your account name
  5. Employment Details - Displays your employment details (e.g. your role, department, company, employment status and description) as set in the Edit section.
  6. Account email address - Displays your account email address
  7. Edit - Selecting the Edit button will allow you to edit your personal details. 
  8. Actions - Selecting the Actions button will prompt a drop down menu to be displayed, showing the Actions that you can complete on your profile.
    • Available actions depend on the permissions that you have associated to your account.
    • Actions are covered in more detail in the Users section of the Knowledge Base.



The bottom section of the panel is split into 3 tabs

  • Profile - Displays more details about your profile such as the last time you logged in, addresses, assistants and web links. You can also view your license information.


  • Member of - Displays the Smart Teams and Groups that you are included in. You can add yourself to groups by setting the role (Member, Manager or Owner), searching for the required group or team and selecting Add. You can also remove yourself from a group or team by selecting the Arrow symbol next to the group.



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