Searching in CloudM Automate

Searching in CloudM Automate is very versatile and useful and can be used to extend beyond just finding users.

Action Users from Search

You can click a single or multiple users that have been returned in a search result and then use the top right hand actions menu to complete actions against them.

Please note: When creating a Group / Smart Contacts from a search, it will include all results returned, not just the selected items as above.


To search for a user in CloudM Automate, you need to simply enter their details into the white search bar at the top centre of the page.  This is always visible on whatever page you're currently on.

You can search for users within your domain, external contacts, and also groups of users. In fact, you can search through these different types of items in a variety of ways. Some search terms are restricted to certain types of items (for instance if you want to find everyone in an Organization Unit, you won't find external contacts or groups as they are kept seperate). 


Data Types

The following is a list of data types you could use in Search and the syntax to use for each. Please note that the specific data that you are searching for should be added between the brackets (for example, department:(MARKETING):

Field Syntax
Object type: User type:(USER)
Object type: External Contact type:(EXTERNAL_CONTACT)
Object type: Organizational Unit (OU) type:(ORGANIZATION)
Object type: Group type:(GROUP)
Object type: Smart Team type:(GROUP) AND team:(true)
Full Name name:()
Surname surname:()
Email address email:()
Organizational Unit (OU) ou:()
Job Title job_title:()
Department department:()
 Employee ID  employee_id:()
 Cost Center  cost_center:()
Company company:()
Description N/A
Manager manager:()
Telephone phone:()
Address address:()
Tags tags:()
Employment Type employment_type:()
Suspended suspended:suspended
Hidden hidden:hidden
Custom Key custom_key:()
Custom Value custom_value:()
Area area:()
Building building:()
Floor floor:()
Section section:()
Desk Code desk:()
Web Links website:()
Date of Birth N/A
Subject N/A
 License  type:(USER) AND license:("Google  Workspace")
 License SKU  type:(USER) AND sku:("Google Workspace Business")


Combine Keywords

Combine different search criteria through the key words "AND", "OR", and "NOT"


This is all very easy when you want to find a single user, you can provide their name and then grab their other details such as their phone number, but in some cases we may have to be more specific, or we may just want only a very definite subset of users, in this case we can combine different search criteria through the key words "AND", "OR", and "NOT". This means we can connect various types of information for instance "name:(John) AND title:(Sales)", this will bring up all the Johns who have Sales in their title, note that this will include partial matches so if someone has the title "Sales Director" they will be included. There is no limit to how many search terms and keywords you can use, however if you find yourself running into difficulties getting the term correct please do not hesitate to contact the support team who will be able to assist in this. 

Lastly, we can clearly group users together with search terms, which means we could do any number of actions with them such as email the resultant users, create an appointment with them, add delegated access to their accounts and more; Typically we use the search query to create a  Group/Contact as a search query is a requirement for creating any smart item. 


Searching Predefined Extra Information

When performing searches for your predefined extra information fields you have options to search for the presence of a custom 'key', 'value' or a combination of both as shown below. 

Key search syntax  - custom_key:"enter key name"

Value search syntax - custom_value:"enter value"

Key and Value search syntax - custom_key_value:"key = value"


Example Searches

Below are some examples of applying the CloudM Automate search syntax to generate specific results


custom_key:"User_ID" - In this example the domain has a pre-defined extra information field called 'User_ID' which is mapped to a external custom field in Google Workspace. This search returns any user profiles which contain this field irrespective of value.

custom_key_value:"User_ID = 123456" -  This search returns a specific user with the corresponding UserID of 123456 


Vault Legal Holds

You can search ‘googleVaultHold’ in the search bar to return a list of all users on Legal Hold within Vault. This allows you to create a smart team that contains all these users and therefore create specific workflows.

  • You must use the Request Vault Synchronization option in Settings > Domain Settings to request the latest information from Google Vault before using the search criteria. Once the synchronization has been completed, your search results will be up to date.


Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search drop down icon at the end of the main Search bar to easily build your own criteria. 

Screenshot 2023-09-26 115829.png


Advanced search options

Advanced Search type - General

When you select the Advanced Search option, you will initially see the General search fields, displayed below:

  • Type - A drop down menu that allows you to specify the type of information you want to search for. Additional fields will be displayed depending on the type selected.
  • Name - Search by name or partial name.
  • Extra Information Keys - Search by name of custom field.
  • Extra Information Values - Search by value of custom field.



Advanced Search type - Profile

Selecting Profile from the Type drop down menu will display the following search fields, specifically for searching for users:



Advanced Search type - External Contact

Selecting External Contact from the Type drop down menu will display the following search fields, specifically for searching for External Contacts:



Advanced Search type - OU

Selecting OU from the Type drop down menu will display the following search fields, specifically for searching for Organizational Units:



Advanced Search type -  Group / Smart Team

Selecting Group or Smart Team from the Type drop down menu will display the following search fields, specifically for searching for Group or Smart Team:


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