What is an Organizational Unit (OU)?

Organizational Units are one of the core parts to CloudM Automate (specifically for Google domains). An Organizational Unit, or OU, is simply a container to allow you to structure your domain. Think of it like the folder structure on your computer, and users as the files.

  • Microsoft domains do not use Organizational Units. You will need to use Smart Teams to structure your domain.

You have a central OU and underneath that you can have multiple "child" OUs as well as user accounts, the OUs can be organised however you wish to organise them, more often that not we see our clients organise them by office or by department e.g. London/New York/Tokyo OR Sales/Technical/HR.

Any OU that is created within CloudM Automate automatically creates the same OU in Google Workspace, and when CloudM Automate is installed OUs made within Google Workspace are synchronised over to CloudM Automate so you don't need to recreate your structure. 

OUs, whilst being an organisational tool, have many settings within CloudM Automate. These can be "inherited" from their Child-OUs so you don't have to re-enter the same settings each and every time, or they can be overwritten if you require a change for a specific OU.

Settings at an OU level include Information about the OU; Company data (root OU available only); inheritance for user accounts in the OU; order of information to be displayed; password policy and 2 step verification; email signature format; login security restrictions; mandatory fields; and lastly deprovisioning. You will be able to find help topics on most of these settings throughout this knowledge base.


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