Lotus Notes Name Resolution

When migrating items from Lotus Notes many items may have addresses (such as DNs or X400/X500 addresses) which are Notes Names which have no meaning in the destination systems supported by CloudM Migrate. Only SMTP addresses are supported in the destination systems and thus some name resolution must be performed. Name resolution is only performed when a Notes Name is found – if an address is already a valid SMTP address, no resolution is performed.

The available options are to resolve addresses to the ‘Internet Address’ of the original Notes user, or to resolve to the SMTP address of the user in the target system.

Notes Internet Address – The value of the Notes Internet Address is used for resolution, if it exists. If it does not exist, then the SMTP address of the user in the target system is used.

Destination System - The address in the destination system is resolved by using the combination of ‘Import Name’@’Destination Domain’, so it is important that all ‘Import Name’ settings for all users are correct in the tool configuration. Note that if a different domain is specified in ‘Domain Replacement’ within the Notes settings, this will be used instead of the actual destination domain.

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