Once the initial delegation sync has been completed (Delegate Access to Mail and Calendar), you can now navigate to the Mailbox Delegation screen under the Directory option.

This table will display a paged list of all currently configured email delegations within you domain, showing each user account (Delegate) and the mailbox (Inbox) they have access to in a single view. 

Screenshot 2023-09-26 120212.png


The filter menu, accessed using the 3 dotted action button in the top right corner of the screen, will allow you to search for a specific delegate to display in the list. 



Editing Email Delegations

To edit an email delegation, select the required user email under the Inbox column (it will appear as a clickable link in your brand color - Orange, by default).

This will prompt the Delegate Access pop-up screen to be displayed, allowing you to edit who can access the mailbox and also edit other mailboxes that the user can access. For more detail, please refer to the Delegate Access to Mail and Calendar article.



Removing Email Delegations

To remove delegation of a mailbox, simply locate the delegation you wish to remove, select the checkbox next to one or more mailboxes and click the Delete link at the top of the table.



Exporting Information

To export the information displayed on the Delegation page you simple select the 'Export' link at the top of the table. Please note this will create a CSV export of the currently displayed information, if you have applied a filter only the filtered information will be exported.

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