Can I migrate GroupWise proxy rights?


Is it possible to migrate GroupWise proxy rights?


Yes, you can migrate GroupWise proxy rights. They will be migrated as delegation in Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange / 365.

GroupWise delegates with read only rights are not migrated to GMail. GMail only allows full editor rights for delegates (read, send and delete messages), so it would not be appropriate to elevate permissions.

How to configure it

This must be enabled in the tool:

Source Platform Migration Settings > GroupWise > Other Settings > Migrate Account Delegation


It is important that these are considered in order for it to work correctly:

  • The user list must be generated using ‘Get Users’. Extra information about the users is required that can only be obtained by generating the user list in this way.
  • If you have generated a user list using a version below then you must re-generate the list for delegate access to be migrated.
  • Users should not be removed from the user list. If users are removed then the resolution on delegate users may fail. This should not cause any errors, but the delegation settings will not be migrated.
    • If you do not want certain users to be migrated, just do not select them for migration, but you should leave them in the list
    • If you do not want the non-selected users to have delegate rights applied, then they can be removed from the list
  • The delegate user must exist within the destination when the account is migrated or the attempt to migrate the delegate access will fail
  • Delegate access is only migrated when the GroupWise delegation flags contain ‘Write Mail Phone’ or ‘Read Mail Phone’ and the setting is turned on within the GroupWise migration settings.
  • Google Workspace: There is a limit of 25 delegate accounts within Google Workspace. Attempts to migrate more than 25 delegates will result in only the first 25 being added
  • Microsoft Exchange / 365: There is no limit to the number of delegates an account can have.
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