Migrating to or from Google Vault

This quick start guide provides you with the basic information to configure CloudM Migrate for a migration to and from Google Vault. It is highly recommended that you read the documentation in full for your platforms in order to understand all of the options available to you during a migration.

CloudM can only migrate files from Vault as a source platform and not files into Vault as a destination. Importing to Vault is still limited to email only. Google chat items are converted to and stored in email format (up to 1000 chat messages will be stored as 1 email).

Additionally, any original folder structure from Vaulted files will be lost when migrating. Google exports all files into a zip file with their original folder structure stripped. As a result, you can migrate what is provided by Google and simply drop exported files into the destination root by default, or a top level folder, if specified in the general config setting 'Top Level Folder'.

Vault file migrations can only be done to 'User' import object types. Shared drive or SharePoint site imports are not currently allowed.


Software Requirements

The following software should be installed on the migration workstation:

  • CloudM Migrate


What else do I need?

  • Google Vault is connected to your Google Workspace account and so please perform the same steps as described for Google Workspace
  • To enable Google Vault for your domain, please see this article.


Migrating to Vault

If you are already migrating to Google Workspace, the migration to Google Vault requires an additional separate license


Migrating from Vault

Additional Requirements


Step-by-step guide

  1. Ensure you have setup the Google Workspace domain and APIs and enabled the extra APIs required by Google Vault.
  2. Open a configuration in CloudM Migrate.
  3. Select Google Vault in the source platform selector.
  4. Enter the Account details into the Google Vault configuration settings for the source, making sure to follow the instructions for each setting in the documentation available here for source and inside CloudM Migrate.
  5. Enter the Service Account details into the configuration settings. Please click here to see how to set this up.
    • Once the Service account is set up to get the Service email, go to Credentials > Manage Service Account in the Google Admin console, and then 'View Client ID'.
    • Copy the Service account (be sure to only copy the email address and not title of project as shown below).


  1. Select Next to test the connection to the platform.
  2. Setup your destination platform. Instructions are available for Google Workspace, Google Vault, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 and Exchange Online Archives.
  3. Select Next to test the configuration using the connection test tool. You will also need to complete the settings for the destination platform before running this test. If any problems are encountered with the connection test, please examine the error and make the adjustments to your configuration settings.
  4. Generate your user list and select the users and items you would like to migrate in the ‘Users / Resources’ tab.
    • You can also migrate Classic Chat items (in email format) from Google Vault. This can be enabled and customized in the source platform advanced settings ‘Chat’ category.
  1. Start your migration


Conversion table - Google documents

Documents that are created in Google Workspace applications will be converted to the following Microsoft Office formats when migrated:

Drive File Type Exported Format
Google Docs .docx
Google Sheets .xlsx
Google Forms .zip (.html and .csv)
Google Slides .pptx
Google Drawings .pdf
Non-Google Files No Format Change




The Google Vault export process extracts the labels Google stores against each item.  In some circumstances these labels may not correspond to what is visible in the Google UI 

  • Custom labels. The export provides custom labels in lowercase, with spaces converted to hyphens
  • Extra labels.  The export will also contains Internal/System Google labels
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