Can I migrate the GroupWise System Address book to Google Workspace?


How do I migrate the GroupWise System Address book to Google Workspace?


First, you will need to configure CloudM Migrate for GroupWise, as shown in the Migrating from Novell GroupWise quick start guide.

It is also important to understand how contacts work within the Google infrastructure, in order to make best use of this feature.

In order to perform a synchronisation, you should choose Novell GroupWise System Address Book Sync from Migration Platform in the settings.


You should also pay attention to the settings for Excluded Sync Addresses and System Address Book Sync Type. When performing a system address book sync, the list of users to migrate is ignored.

The tool synchronises the GroupWise System Address book with Domain Profiles or/and Shared Contacts within Google. Domain profiles are profiles for each of your users that has a Google Email address. They cannot be created by the tool, only updated if they already exist. Shared contacts are domain-wide shared contacts that are unrelated to the users within your domain. They can be created, updated and deleted by the tool. Both profiles and contacts appear within the Google interface as part of auto-complete on email addresses or when contacts are searched from inside the contacts interface. Any changes made by the tool can take up to 24 hours to show up in the Google interface.

Authoritative Source

The GroupWise System Address Book is used as the main source when synchronising system address book contacts. The process works in the following way; (assuming syncing is taking place with both domain profiles and shared contacts as set in ‘System Address Book Sync Type’):

  1. If a system address book contact has the same email address as a Domain Profile, that profile is updated when synced.
  2. If a system address book does not have the same address as a Domain Profile then a Shared Contact is either created or updated.
  3. On further synchronisations, Domain Profiles and Shared Contacts are updated to reflect changes in the GroupWise system address book.
  4. If contacts are removed from the GroupWise system address book, or excluded using the ‘Excluded Sync Addresses’ list then they will be removed from the Google Shared Contacts if they were created with the tool. It is not possible to remove Domain Profiles as they are tied to the users within the Google domain.
  5. If new domain profiles are created and then synced with the tool then the corresponding shared contact will be removed to prevent duplicates. Any Google shared contacts created within the tool will be left completely alone.

If ‘System Address Book Sync Type’ is set to ‘Domain Profiles’, then only those contacts from the GroupWise System Address book that have Domain Profiles will be synced. If set to ‘Shared Contacts’, then all System Address Book contacts will be synced with Shared Contacts within Google Workspace. To prevent specific contacts from syncing, enter then email addresses in ‘Excluded Sync Addresses’


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