What items do you back up and how often?

Supported items and backup frequency

We can back up items in your Mail, Drive and Shared Drives:

Mail every 20 min
Drive every 4 hours
Shared Drives every 4 hours

We don’t support:

  • Data Studio Report
  • Google Site
  • Shortcut
  • Group inboxes

We also don’t back up suspended users.

We can only back up a Shared Drive if at least one of its owners is from within the organization. If a Shared Drive only has 1 owner and that owner is external to the organization we won’t be able to back it up.


What format do you back up and restore in?

Below is a list of all supported item types and how they get restored: 

  Backed up as Restored as
Google Docs docx Google Doc if under 50MB, docx if over 50MB
Google Sheets xlsx Google Sheet if under 100MB, xlsx if over 100MB
Google Slides pptx Google Slide if under 100MB, pptx if over 100MB
Google Forms Zip containing html of questions and CSV of responses Zip


Note: Smart chips do get backed up but they lose some of their shape during restorations. 


Do you back up deleted items?

Whether a deleted item will get backed up depends on the situation:

  • If a file is created and deleted before a backup starts but remains in the user's bin/trash then it will be backed up.
  • If a user creates, deletes, and removes the file from bin/trash then it cannot be backed up (it effectively does not exist).
  • For email we know an email was received and deleted but cannot show details of the email and it would error backing up.
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