Initial backup hasn't started

Initial backup for users doesn’t start immediately, it will start up to 4 hours after a backup policy is assigned to a user. 

If a new user is created in Google Workspace (e.g. new employee joins the company) and they are part of an OU that has an active backup policy, the initial backup will also start within 4 hours. 


I can't see Shared Drives

To be able to see Shared Drives in the Status or Restoration sections, you need to have the "Backup Shared Drive Restoration & View Status" permission added to your role. An admin can add this permission to your role.

The job to sync Shared Drives between your Google Workspace and CloudM Backup runs on a schedule (every 60min) so you may not see your Shared Drives immediately when you first access Backup, and newly created Shared Drives won’t always show immediately either.


Shared Drive initial backup failed

If a Shared Drive Organizer has been deleted, the initial backup will fail. If you assign a new Organizer and retry the backup it should run successfully.

If a Shared Drive only has 1 Owner and that Owner is external to your organization we won’t be able to back it up.


Shared Drive restoration failed

Our Shared Drive restoration uses the currently logged in user to create the target Shared Drive to restore into. This user needs to have the correct permissions in Google Workspace that will allow them to create Shared Drives.

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