What are your priority levels and definitions?

Normal Weekday Support

The scope for weekday support covers submitted tickets that pertain to all issues that may arise while using one of CloudM’s software modules but excludes those that have resulted in a critical error or complete failure.

Weekend Support

To qualify, the scope weekend support must meet the criteria below. Should your ticket not meet the criteria below, the on-call support engineer will notify the customer, and the ticket will be attended to on the next business day.

  • Hosted VM isn’t accessible 
    • Server error using CloudM Hosted
  • Entire migration fails to start
    • 100% of users fail
  • Incorrect backend system operation causing critical business impact
    • 404 error when attempting to access Backup
    • Automate, Archive, Email Signature Management, or Backup isn’t viewable or accessible in the left pane.
Tickets submitted during the week will not be worked on during the weekend.

Service Level Agreement for Incident Response

Schedule Initial Response Time Follow Up Response Time Availability (UTC)
Weekday 12 24 Mon 00:00 - Fri 22:00
Weekend 4 8 Fri 22:00 - Mon 00:00


Terms and Conditions:This document is for information purposes only and shall not be incorporated into or form part of a contract between the customer and CloudM.

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