Migrating from Microsoft Teams to Google Workspace

Channel Conversations

Config Settings > Advanced Settings > Reporting >  Record Document Mappings must be set to 'True' to maintain document links when migrating 'Channel' conversations.

When migrating as 'Google Group' Documents must be migrated prior to migrating 'Channel' conversations to maintain document links inside emails


Please note that Multi Factor Authentication must be disabled for the specified admin accounts when migrating Microsoft Teams.

The following will show you how to migrate a Microsoft Team called 'HR' to either a 'User', 'Resource', 'Group' or a 'Team Drive'. The default is 'Google Group'.

When migrating to Google Workspace the following options are available when right-clicking inside the 'Users/Resources' and selecting one of the following options :


Migrating as User

  • 'Migrate Selected As Users' will allow you to migrate a Microsoft 365 Group to a 'User'. Both 'Mail', 'Calendars'  and 'Drive' can be migrated.



Migrating as Resource

  • 'Migrate Selected As Resources' will allow you to migrate a Microsoft 365 Group to a 'Resource'.


Migrating as Google Group

  • 'Migrate Selected Email to Google Groups' will allow you to migrate a Microsoft Team to a 'Google Group'. Only 'Mail' can be migrated.



Migrating as Team Drive

  • 'Migrate Selected as Team Drive' will allow you to migrate a Microsoft Team to a 'Team Drive'. Only 'Drive' (IE Document Libraries) can be migrated.



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