Dropbox Team Folders and Spaces

Dropbox 'Team Folders' are owned by the Dropbox team and can only be managed by a 'Team Admin'.  This can be created through the 'Team Console'.  To be able to migrate these folders they need to be linked to a user being migrated.

Under 'Source Platform Server Settings > Dropbox > Account Details > Team Folder Owner', you will need to enter a source email address  of the user who will take ownership of 'Team Folders' in the destination. If this is not populated, 'Team Folders' will not be migrated.

Your Team Folder Owners can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/team/admin/members

Dropbox for Business Team Shared with icon is a group within Dropbox and by default assigned to default 'Team Folder' when signing up for Dropbox for Business. This will be in the format of  'Everyone at [Team]' 


When specifying a 'Team Folders Owner', this user will become the owner of the files and folders. If at a later date the 'Team Folders Owner' changes to another user and delta migration is performed, this will result in the files and folders residing under two different users. For 'Team Folders' it would be recommended to migrate to a 'Team Site' in Microsoft 365 or a 'Shared Drive' in Google.

If you are migrating the Team Folders Owner as a user, to exclude the team folders from their user migration, you need to leave the Team Folder Owner field on Page 1 (Source Platform) empty.


Team Folder to Shared Drive Example:

To migrate a Team Folder to a Google Shared Drive enter the Team Folder owner as the Export Name, the Shared Drive ID as the Import Name and the Team Folder Name in the Documents Path field.

The "Documents Path" field requires the Name of the Team Folder preceded by a forward slash (e.g. /Team Folder name). If it is a subfolder, the format will look like /teamfoldername/subfoldername.


See also Migrating to or from Google Shared Drives

To migrate Team membership to Google Shared Drives, 'Shared Drive Folder Permissions' must be set to 'Root' and Dropbox groups must be mapped to existing Google Groups using Address Replacements.

Dropbox Team Spaces

Dropbox Team Spaces are supported.

When migrating from Dropbox to Google Workspace, and using the conversion settings in Destination Platform (Google) > Advanced Settings > Document Conversion, any Google files in Dropbox with a size of 0 will fail to import. If they have content (i.e. size greater than 0), the file will migrate and convert correctly.

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