Introduction to CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted

CloudM Migrate allows you to take advantage of storing your company’s data and programs in the “Cloud” (the internet) by making it easy to move data and users from a myriad of different source platforms to a different destination platform (such as DropBox), or into a software suite (such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365).

You may feel that moving from one platform to another is a time consuming and potentially error prone process, even if you could make significant savings from switching or the new platform offers a better suite of options to suit your business. With CloudM Migrate, you now have the flexibility to change between platforms quickly and in the knowledge that your users and data will be transferred over seamlessly.

Also, by consolidating all of your different (and potentially contradictory) applications into one software suite, you can greatly increase your employees’ ability to collaborate (they can share their work with colleagues because they are all on the same platform and in the cloud) and you can benefit from applications designed to work together.

CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted is the downloadable version of CloudM Migrate, ideal for large and complex migrations. Setup the product and use our browser-based interface to complete your migration.



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