Migrating to or from multiple Google Workspace domains

In CloudM Migrate full email addresses can be specified as the import or export name when migrating to and/or from Google Workspace. This means that multiple domains within a single Google Workspace instance can be migrated using one configuration.


You should understanding the following:

  • Ensure all domains are added to Domain Replacements
  • Addresses will be replaced if 'Replace Usernames' is enabled. Otherwise, or if some users are not listed, all addresses must be specified in an Address Replacements (File)
  • All users and groups must be provisioned prior to migration
  • For Google Drive to Google Drive migrations the best practices and concepts must be understood
  • Any of the migrating domains can be specified as the domain name in the configuration, but you must have a license for this domain and the specified admin's primary address must be @ this domain


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