CloudM Automate enables you to customize the application to match your organization's design, including brand colors, favicons and logos. 

To navigate to the Branding section:

  1. Select Settings from the Function column,
  2. Select Branding from the sub function column,
  3. Use the Branding section.


Firstly, you can change the main branding color by clicking on the current color and either using the color picker or adding a HEX value in the # field. Select Reset colors to return all colors to CloudM branding:



You can upload or reset the favicon (the icon that appears in your browser tab) and the logo (that appears in the top left corner of the screen - which is the CloudM logo, by default).

Simply click on the required link and either select Choose file to browse your computer for the file that you wish to use or reset the Favicon by placing a check in the Default favicon checkbox. Click Upload to confirm any changes.



If you would prefer to remove the logo completely, enable the Remove logo checkbox.

In the Page Title field, you can set the text that accompanies your favicon in the web browser tab.


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