Assigning Roles


Once you've created a CloudM Automate role, you can use the Role Assignment tab to add and remove from Users / Groups / Organizational Units. 

To assign a role:

  1. On the Settings > Roles screen, select the Role that you wish to assign,
  2. Select the Role Assignment tab,
  3. Click on the Assign To field and choose whether you are assigning the role to an Org Unit, User Profile, Group, Service Account, External Profile or External Group. 
  4. Click on the Name field to choose the name of the Holder that you want to apply the role to.
  5. Set Org Unit to the top level OU / domain
  6. Click on Add.
  7. The Holder will appear in the table on the Assigned Users tab. This list shows all the holders that are assigned to the selected Role.


Search for Assigned Roles

If you need to find out what roles a particular holder (User, Groups, Org Unit) has assigned, navigate to the informational panel for the holder and select Actions > Automate Roles. This information is displayed in the Role Assignments list.


Export Data

You can also export the entire list (or the entire search results) into a .CSV or Google Sheet by clicking Export


Remove an Assignment

To remove the selected role for a specific holder, click on the Bin icon next to the holder in the Role Assignments list on the Assigned Users tab. You will be prompted to confirm the removal.


Using Search Results to Assign Roles

A search query can be used to find all required users, then from the Actions menu in the top right, select Assign Roles. 


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