Password Recovery

To access these options, select Directory > Password & Login Controls and chose the Organizational Unit or Smart Team that you wish to set a policy for. Then, select the Passwords tab and scroll down to the Password Recovery section.


Password Recovery options can be:

  • Organizational Units - Set for the root Organizational Units and inherited, or explicitly set for each Organizational Units. 
  • Smart Teams - Set to Enable to apply the policy to all users in the Smart Team, or to Disable to force the user's password policy to be set by the next Smart Team (set to Enable) they are part of, or the Organizational Unit if the user isn't part of any enabled Smart Team. 


You can set the following options:

  • Enable Password Recovery - Allow users of the Organizational Unit or Smart Team to recover their password. Select Yes to enable.
  • Force Password Changes in CloudM Automate - If the user attempts to recover password access, they will be forced to change the password to a new one. Select Yes to enable.
  • Allow Old Passwords - Allow the user to reuse old passwords that they have previously used to access CloudM Automate. Please note that this could be a security risk and your organization's own policies may require users to use new passwords.
  • Number of Old Passwords - If you do allow users to reuse passwords, you can restrict the usage of a configurable number of old passwords. 


Select Save to apply any changes.


Now, you can force password recovery for a user by going to their profile page, selecting the Actions button and choosing Password Recovery.

On the CloudM Automate login window, a user can also click on 'Forgot your password'. Once they have answered their security questions, they can then update their password.


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