Support & Service Level Agreement Response Times


Service Level Agreement & Response Times

It is the responsibility of the CloudM Product Support Engineer to determine an appropriate priority and action based on business impact. For urgent issues our response time is 4 hours from the initial receipt of the issue and all other issues is 8 hours.

Priority level Response Time Update Schedule
High 2 Hours 24 Hours
Medium 4 Hours 36 Hours
Low 8 Hours 48 Hours

24-hour Weekend Support

  • Weekend support for P1 issues has a 4-hour response SLA.
  • Support accessible 24/7.
  • Engineers are located in the US, APAC, and EMEA regions.

Sending Traces and Projects to Support

Answers to commons errors, if it's uncommon Contact our 24/7 support team.

To expedite the request please fill out the support ticket with the relevent information about the issue that is occuring. Providing screenshots, trace logs, and configuration files can assist us with providing answers faster. There is not an option to export the configuration from the hosted version of the tool, Support already has access to this information.

NOTE: If using CloudM Migrate Hosted, please open a support ticket via our Help Center and inform support of the destination migration domain.

How to Export Configuration File

To export your Logging and Trace Files:

  • Go to the Projects page with in CloudM Migrate.
  • Click the Gear Cog icon in the upper right.
  • Select the Export Configuration icon.

How to Locate Traces

When running a self hosted migration the locatation of a trace logs is the C:\ProgramData\Cloud Technology Solutions folder on the primary server.


If migrating from Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Zimbra, Box, Dropbox, PST and Windows File System, select General Migration Settings > Advanced Settings > System > Trace Level to TRACE instead, this will gather additional tracing for those platforms.

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