How to set the Retention Policy

Firstly, this process is potentially dangerous (as it can permanently delete all archived data if it is not configured correctly) and should only be carried out by Archive Administrators. 

You can set the maximum amount of days that any data can be stored in Archive before it will be purged (permanently deleted) in line with data compliance policies (such as GDPR). You can set different values for Mail and Drive. You can also set the retention period for Chat data (on Google domains only).


To set the retention policy:

  1. Sign in to CloudM Automate with a user that has been assigned the Edit Archive Retention permission,
  2. Select Archive > Storage Configuration,
  3. Select the tab of the storage bucket that you want to edit the retention policy for, displayed at the top of the Storage Configuration screen.
  4. Scroll down to the How Long Do You Want to Keep Archivals for section and select Edit Retention (at the bottom of the screen),
  5. Edit the values for Email, Drive and Chat retention (Chat option only available for Google domains) and ensure the Retain For option is selected.
    1. If you do not want to set a definitive retention period, select Indefinite Retention.
  6. Select Save to confirm any changes.


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