Search Customization

This section of CloudM Automate customization enables you to control behaviour of search and search results. Advanced searches are not affected.



"Include the following..." - When running any search query against CloudM Automate, you can enable/disable whichever items depending on how you anticipate regular searches will be used. It's important to note however that this doesn't limit the advanced search results, so if someone explicitly searches for a disabled type here, they will be able to do so. 


"Upload or reset search background image" - This is the image which your search results are placed over, and is another branding opportunity to inject some of your company's color into CloudM Automate


"Default search results view" - There are 4 types that can be used here; Business Card, Compact List (1 line), Compact List (2 line), Compact List (3 line). The business card view shows the most information, a profile image and when hovering over the result it expands to show all the information on the resulting item. Each compact list is very similar with just further information available or formatted in an easier to read manner, it's also useful to note that the compact list items allow for more search results per page too. 


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