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BigQuery Severity Type


BigQuery Context Type Behaviour
LoginUser Login User
OrgUnit Organisation unit
Profile Profile
System Domain
ArchiveConfiguration Archive configuration
AuditToolSettings Audit Tool settings
BigQueryConfig BigQuery settings
Contact Contact
Domain Domain
DomainCustomization Domain Customisation
SharedContact External contact
Blob File
Calendar Google Calendar
GoogleGroup Google Group
IntegrationRequest Integration request
IntegrationSettings Integration settings
Role Role
RoleAssignmentOU Role Assignment for OU
RoleAssignmentServiceAccount Role Assignment for Service Account
RoleAssignmentExternalGroup Role Assignment for external group
RoleAssignmentExternalProfile Role Assignment for external profile
RoleAssignmentGroup Role Assignment for group
RoleAssignment Role Assignment for user
SsoSettings SSO settings
Salesforce Salesforce
Share Share
SmartTeam Smart Team
SmartCircle Smart circle
SmartContactGroup Smart contacts
SmartGroup Smart group
SmartGroupMember Smart group member
Workflow Workflow


BigQuery Operation Type Behaviour
TwoFAActivated 2-Step Verification Activated
TwoFABackupCodesActivated 2-Step Verification Backup Codes Activated
TwoFABackupCodesDectivated 2-Step Verification Backup Codes Deactivated
TwoFADectivated 2-Step Verification Deactivated
TwoFABackupMailAddressesSaved 2-Step Verification Fallback E-mails Changed
AcceptShare Accept Share
AddAlias Add Alias
AddAliasFailed Add Alias Failed
AddDocumentFailed Add Document Failed
ApproveAdvancedCustomLogin Approve Advanced Custom Login
ApproveWorkflow Approve Workflow
Archive Archive
ArchiveAborted Archive Aborted
ArchiveFailed Archive Failed
ArchivePurgeFailed Archive Purge Failed
ArchivePurgeStarted Archive Purge Started
ArchivePurgeSucceeded Archive Purge Succeeded
ArchiveStarted Archive Started
ArchiveSucceeded Archive Succeeded
AssignAlias Assign Alias
RemoveCalendarOwnerFailed Calendar Delegate Remove Failed
RemoveCalendarOwner Calendar Delegate Removed
UpdateCalendarDelegateFailed Calendar Delegate Update Failed
UpdateCalendarDelegate Calendar Delegate Updated
CalendarTimeZoneChange Calendar TimeZone Change
CalendarTimeZoneChangeFailed Calendar TimeZone Change Failed
ConnectorInstallation Connector Installation
CopyToMyContacts Copy To My Contacts
CopyToMyContactsFailed Copy To My Contacts Failed
Create Create
CreateFailed Create Failed
CsvExport Csv Export
CsvExportFailed Csv Export Failed
CsvImport Csv Import
CsvImportEmpty Csv Import Empty
CsvImportExpired Csv Import Expired
CsvImportFailed Csv Import Failed
DeclineAdvancedCustomLogin Decline Advanced Custom Login
DeclineShare Decline Share
DelegateAccess Delegate Access
DelegateAccessFailed Delegate Access Failed
DelegateAccessRemoveFailed Delegate Access Remove Failed
DelegateAccessRemoved Delegate Access Removed
AddCalendarOwner Delegate Calendar
AddCalendarOwnerFailed Delegate Calendar Failed
DelegatesExport Delegates Export
DelegatesExportFailed Delegates Export Failed
DelegatesSyncRequested Delegates Sync Requested
Delete Delete
DeleteFailed Delete Failed
CpInstalled Domain installed
CpUninstalled Domain uninstalled
EventLogExport Event Log Export
EventLogExportFailed Event Log Export Failed
EventLogExportRunning Event Log Export Running
EventLogExportStarted Event Log Export Started
ForcePasswordChange Force Password Change
ForcePasswordChangeFailed Force Password Change Failed
GSuiteBackupCodesActivated GSuiteBackupCodesActivated
GSuiteBackupCodesDeactivated GSuiteBackupCodesDeactivated
GSuiteBackupCodesDeactivationSkipped GSuiteBackupCodesDeactivationSkipped
Hide Hide
PreventDeprovision Hold
PreventDeprovisionFailed Hold Failed
ImageNew Image New
ImageRemove Image Remove
IntegrationRequestFailed Integration Request Failed
IntegrationRequestSucceeded Integration Request Succeeded
LicenseCheck License Check
LicenseSyncProductNotFound LicenseSyncProductNotFound
LicenseSyncUserNotFound LicenseSyncUserNotFound
LicenseUpdateFailure LicenseUpdateFailure
LicenseUpdatePartialFailure LicenseUpdatePartialFailure
Lockoff Lockoff
LockoffReset Lockoff Reset
Login Login
LoginRestriction Login Restriction
LoginSSO Login SSO
LoginSSOFail Login SSOFail
LoginToExtDomain Login To External Domain
Logout Logout
LogoutSSO Logout SSO
MigrateEmail Migrate Email
Move Move
MoveFailed Move Failed
NotificationChannelsDisabled NotificationChannelsDisabled
NotificationChannelsEnabled NotificationChannelsEnabled
NotificationChannelsRefreshed NotificationChannelsRefreshed
ForgetDeprovisioned Offboarding Forgotten
OfferShare Offer Share
OutOfOffice OutOfOffice
OutOfOfficeFailure OutOfOfficeFailure
PasswordChange Password Change
PasswordChangeUsingRecovery Password Change Using Recovery
PasswordRecoveryReset Password Recovery Reset
PasswordRecoveryResetFailed Password Recovery Reset Failed
PasswordRecoverySet Password Recovery Set
PasswordChangeFailed PasswordChangeFailed
PhishingChallengeFailure Phishing Challenge Failure
PhishingChallengeSuccess Phishing Challenge Success
CpPremiumDisabled Premium disabled
CpPremiumEnabled Premium enabled
LicenseUpdate Profile License update
LicenseUpdateAborted Profile License update aborted
AllowDeprovision Release
AllowDeprovisionFailed Release Failed
RemoveAlias Remove Alias Failed
RemoveAliasFailed Remove Alias Failed
RemoveFromGroups Remove From Groups
Rename Rename
ResetTwoStepsAuth Reset Two Steps Auth
RestoreAbortStarted Restore Abort Started
RestoreAborted Restore Aborted
RestoreFailed Restore Failed
RestoreForceReset Restore Reset
RestoreStarted Restore Started
RestoreSucceeded Restore Succeeded
ResumeWorkflow ResumeWorkflow
RevokeAsp Revoke Application Specific Password
RevokeAspFailed Revoke Application Specific Password Failed
RevokeToken Revoke OAuth Token
RevokeTokenFailed Revoke OAuth Token Failed
SSORequest SSO Request
SSORequestDenied SSO Request Denied
SSORequestFail SSO Request Fail
SalesforceUpdate SalesforceUpdate
SalesforceUpdateFailed SalesforceUpdateFailed
SmartTeamDisabled Smart Team Disabled
SmartTeamEnabled Smart Team Enabled
SuspendUser Suspend User
SyncAdd Sync Add
SyncCollabIndexFailed Sync Collab Index Failed
SyncCollabIndexStart Sync Collab Index Start
SyncCollabIndexUpdate Sync Collab Index Update
SyncContactsEnd Sync Contacts End
SyncContactsFail Sync Contacts Fail
SyncContactsStart Sync Contacts Start
SyncDelegatesEnd Sync Delegates End
SyncDelegatesStart Sync Delegates Start
SyncGroupMembersFail Sync Group Members Fail
SyncGroupsEnd Sync Groups End
SyncGroupsFail Sync Groups Fail
SyncGroupsStart Sync Groups Start
SyncMailSignatureFailed Sync Mail Signature Failed
SyncMailSignatureStarted Sync Mail Signature Started
SyncOrgEnd Sync Org End
SyncOrgFail Sync Org Fail
SyncOrgStart Sync Org Start
SyncRemove Sync Remove
SyncUpdate Sync Update
SyncUserEnd Sync User End
SyncUserFail Sync User Fail
SyncUserStart Sync User Start
TransferCalendarOwnership Transfer Calendar Ownership
AssetsMoved Transfer Document Ownership
TransferGroupMembership Transfer Group Membership
TransferMyContacts Transfer My Contacts
TransferSiteOwnership Transfer Site Ownership
TransferSiteOwnershipForbidden Transfer Site Ownership Forbidden
TwoFABlocked TwoFABlocked
U2FKeyActivated U2FKeyActivated
U2FKeyDeactivated U2FKeyDeactivated
UnfamiliarLogin Unfamiliar Login
Unhide Unhide
UnsuspendUser Unsuspend User
Update Update
UpdateFailed Update Failed
UserAccountRevoked User Account Revoked
WipeMobileDevice Wipe Mobile Device
WithdrawShare Withdraw Share
WorkflowAborted Workflow Aborted
WorkflowComplete Workflow Complete
WorkflowFailed Workflow Failed
WorkflowStalled Workflow Stalled
WorkflowStarted Workflow Started
WorkflowStepRetried Workflow Step Retried
WorkflowStepSkipped Workflow Step Skipped
WorkflowTargetsConfirmed Workflow Targets Confirmed
WorkflowStepPartiallySkipped Workflow step partially skipped
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