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Licensing FAQ

Licenses Break Down 

Licenses are required for every unique destination item (user / group / resource / shared drive / Team Sites / Teams etc) that is to be migrated to. The licenses are, therefore, consumed per each unique Import Name selected for migration. The licenses are then tied to that import name, meaning that a re-run can be performed for those import names at no additional cost.

When you click 'Start', each item that has been selected for migration and then migrated or failed will consume a license. If you have to go back to the users list (3) to edit any of the import names and you click 'Start' again, that will consume/require more licenses.


- If you have 'user' entered as the import name and then try to migrate to but receive an error that it's either incorrect or doesn't exist, if you edit that import name to '' to reflect it's correct destination username/email address and try again, that will consume two licenses.

The licenses are also bound to the platforms selected to migrate between and the destination domain name, If any of those change then additional license(s) may be required.


File Migration Licenses

As above, each unique import name requires a license. File migrations, however, are licensed differently. Please speak to our sales team directly for more information.


Office 365/Online Archive platform licenses

Please be aware that if the a user is migrating to a Office 365/online archive folder, as well as a main mailbox, using the Microsoft 365 platform option, this counts as 2 user licenses for one user (since it's two different types of mailbox, even though it's going to the same destination).

Migrating from Enterprise Vault

CloudM Migrate fully supports migrations from Enterprise Vault.

Contact our Sales team, who will help you get in touch with our partner Archive360. They can utilize Archive2Anywhere combined with CloudM Migrate to perform the migration.

Google Archive Licenses and Scenarios 

Free Vault Former Employee (VFE) licenses have been replaced by paid Archive User (AU) licenses. 

When faced with this increase (or potential increase) to their license renewal bill, our customers have come to us to provide a more cost-effective alternative, looking predominantly for:

Reduce VFE or AU costs Better manage Google Workspace user data Maintain data compliance


CloudM provide solutions that can cover each of the following scenarios experienced by customers. The scenarios are:

  1. Customers have a potentially high volume of Archived Users (AU) and want to quickly move all of the AU account data into an external Archive solution that enables them to reduce their Google Archived User (AU) licenses.
  2. Customers have a backlog of inactive users assigned to AU licenses and want an automated approach that will offboard these accounts while ensuring that business critical folder and document sharing stays in place.

  3. Both above scenarios are required - They need to quickly move existing data out of Google AU accounts to a secure Archive solution while also ensuring folder and document sharing stays in place.
    • See Scenario 3: Bulk migrate VFE / AU licenses AND Keep sharing permissions in place for active users when offboarding leavers

      CloudM Automate Trial

      When installing CloudM Automate, a 30-day trial of our Premium Feature set. All the features that CloudM Automate offers are open for testing.

      Once starting the trial, prompts will be displayed on the top of the Home screen when logging in, telling you how many days you have left and the date your trial will finish.



      Clicking on the Upgrade button will take you to the Enquire page on the CloudM website. You will be asked to fill in a form and a member of our team will be in touch to help you with your upgrade.

      CloudM Automate Licensing 

      All users require a license as the functionality included is / can be applied to all users.

      It is not possible to purchase CloudM Automate only for a subset of users.

      We charge for the number of users at the point of purchase, and we take into account if the domain has more / less users at the point of renewal.


      Pro Rata Renewal - Licenses added throughout the year are pro rata at the point of renewal.

      CloudM Automate for Microsoft 



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