Latest Release Notes for CloudM Automate

Please see the release notes for the latest versions of CloudM Automate (v2.7 released on 31st July 2023) below. 


v2.8.0 Release Notes (27th September 2023)


Enhancements Description Platform Links to article(s) in Knowledge Base
 Updated to the CloudM Automate UI.

We have made an update to the Automate UI. Details are below: 

  • Renaming of the 'Administrate' menu item to 'Automate'
  • Changes to the 'Directory' and 'Automate' menu icons. 
  • Moving 'Mailbox Delegation', 'Profile Fields' to under the 'Administrate' menu item.
  • Renaming of 'Security' to 'Password & Login Controls' and moving it to under the 'Administrate' menu item.
  • Moving 'Smart Teams' from under the 'Directory' menu item to under the 'Automate' menu item.

A full video demo of the new UI changes is available to watch here

We have updated the UI to more closely align to the modules of our tool and based on research of how customers use the tool. We hope the changes to the UI will provide a better user experience for our customers. 

Google N/A - All impacted KB articles have been updated. Please see video demo of new UI here
'Revoke Existing Delegate Access' Offboarding Step 

A new step in Offboarding Workflow is now available 'Revoke Existing Delegate Access' 


This step revokes access for any users who have delegated access to the offboarding user's mailbox.  


Please note, If a user is suspended and this step is triggered, the user is unsuspended and an hour wait is triggered before the step is done. Then the user will be suspended again.


Google Policy & Process for Google Workspace. 



Google Offboarding Steps - Troubleshooting

Search for an OU by name applying a workflow.

We recently released the ability to search for a Smart Team by name when applying a workflow in offboarding or onboarding. 


We have expanded this now to also allow you to search for OUs (including Child OUs) by name when searching for a specific OU to apply a workflow to. 




Improvements/Bug Fixes: 

  • A scroll bar is now available on the 'Offboarding Status' page.
  • Tooltips now shows on the 'Mass Actions' buttons of 'Processing' and 'Historic ' tabs in 'Offboarding Status'
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