Custom Tags

Within CloudM Automate, you are able to add 2 different types of custom values - Predefined Extra Information, Predefined Tags. 

Within CloudM Automate email signature management, we can use email tags for Predefined Extra information, but we do not have email tags for our Predefined Tags.

You can find these fields at the very bottom of the tag menu to the left of the text editor, it will be label "Predefined Extra Information". These act like any other email tags we've used so far but we can use these to make some very personalised and interesting features!



Let's say we want everyone in our organisation to have a profile picture within their signature, we can do this by including a URL to a drive image with Public Link Sharing enabled and replacing "file/d/" with "uc?export=download&id=" and removing "/view?usp=sharing" from the end of the shared link, however we can also add this information into a "PhotoURL" Predefined Extra Information field for each users profile (this can be achieved with ease with the use of bulk editing to get it set up more quickly). Then when we're in our email signature we can say to insert an image into our signature and use the email tag created for it which will look something like "$photoURL". So our tags can be used even to link to information outside of our CloudM Automate and the basic information all accounts have with the use of our Predefined Extra Information and Custom Tags. 

Another example of this is we could create something like a Facebook or LinkedIn Predefined Extra Information field. After providing the information into all accounts (by either mandatory fields, bulk editing or using "If" statements within the signature itself) we can then provide either an image or some text and insert a link on top of said image/text. This means not only will all our users now have some potential social media (or whatever external information is required/beneficial for your company) within their signature, it's also personalised to them specifically so the end customer can check their contacts LinkedIn and make sure they're happy and able to connect with them!


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