User Interface

The User Interface section of the Customization page allows you to change the following areas of CloudM Automate.


"Default Landing Page" - When users login to CloudM Automate, Default Landing Page determines which page they will be shown. This is only if someone goes directly to CloudM Automate, so if you have an SSO landing page, this will not affect it.

"Enable Embedding" removes the header and footer from CloudM Automate and will allow embedding in an iFrame by slightly modifying the login process. This is to allow you to present two different views of CloudM Automate, one with and one without embedding, based on the URL.

The URL should look something like:



When this is turned on, you also need to specify embedded=true as a query parameter in the CloudM Automate URL to fully enable embedding.

"Remove Footer" will remove just the footer from CloudM Automate and leaves the top bar. 



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