Box Connector

CloudM’s connection to Box allows you to delete user accounts as part of an offboarding workflow. You will have the option to only delete accounts if they have no files, transfer any files to another designated Box user before deleting the account, or force deleting the account without transferring. 


To integrate with Dropbox:

  1. Select Settings > Integrations,
  2. Click on the Box tile,
  3. On the next screen, specify what action will take place on the user's box account when they are offboarded from CloudM Automate. The options are:
    • Only Delete Users Without Files - If the user's Box account has files, it won't be deleted.
    • Transfer Users Files Before Delete - If the user account has files, they will be transferred to a designated Box account before the user's account is deleted.
    • Just Delete Users - The user's account will be deleted even if files exist. You will not be able to access files once the account is deleted.


  1. If you want files from a deleted user to be transferred to another Box account (typically an Admin or Archive account), enter a valid Box account email in the Transfer destination email field. 
  2. Select Save to confirm any changes.
  3. Select Install,
  4. The Box application will open in a new browser,
  5. Sign into Box using your username and password,


  1. Allow CloudM Automate Administrator access to your Box environment.
  2. When authorization is complete, you will see the following message in a new browser. You should close the browser tab and return to CloudM Automate.


  1. On the Box screen and tab, you will see an Installed status underneath the Box logo.
  2. Selecting View all integrations will take you back to the Integrations screen.


Now that Box has been integrated, you will be able to see and apply the Revoke Application User’s Accounts step to your Offboarding Policies (for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365). Box, and any other installed integration that revokes access, will be selected by default.

When a user is offboarded, CloudM will communicate with Box by providing the email address of the user. If Box can find the email address, it will automatically delete or suspend the user account (depending on the option selected).


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