Slack Connector


CloudM’s connection to Slack allows you to deactivate Slack user accounts as part of an offboarding workflow. In order to install this connector, you must have a Slack account with a Plus or Enterprise Grid Price Plan.



To integrate with Slack:

  1. Select Settings > Integrations,
  2. Click on the Slack tile,


  1. On the next screen, select Install,


  1. The Slack application will open in a new browser,
  2. Log in to Slack using your workspace’s Slack URL,


  1. Select Continue,
  2. Sign into Slack using your username and password,
  3. Allow CloudM Automate Administrator access to your Slack Workspace.


  1. On the Slack screen and tab, you will see an Installed status underneath the Slack logo.


  1. Selecting View all integrations will take you back to the Integrations screen.


Now that Slack has been integrated, you will be able to see and apply the Revoke Application User’s Accounts step to your Offboarding Policies (for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365). Slack, and any other installed integration, will be selected by default.

When a user is offboarded, CloudM will communicate with Slack by providing the email address of the user. If Slack can find the email address, it will automatically deactivate the user account. This means that the user account is still in Slack but the user cannot sign in.

Please note that the deactivated user’s messages and files will still be visible in Slack to all activated users. An administrator would need to manually delete the user in Slack, if required.

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