Predefined Extra Information

On the Directory Profile Fields screen), select the Root Organizational Unit and then click on the Predefined Extra Information tab.

On the Root Organizational Unit, you can edit the values that are available for specific user profile fields. This allows you to ensure that the values are consistent, there are no spelling or formatting errors, and they are easier to search for. 


System default predefined fields keys cannot be renamed and once values have been applied to user profiles, they will sync with Google Workspace immediately. These include Job Titles, Companies, Departments, Employment Types, Area, Building, Floors.

Please note:

  • User profiles cannot contain any other value than those specified.
  • Area, Building, Floor, Section and Desk are not currently available in Google Workspace.
  • External contacts cannot use these predefined fields.


Predefined values can be added to or removed from a field using the 'Add' and 'Remove' buttons. You can also change the order in which the values are displayed.



You can also set User Defined Fields.

User Defined Fields are custom fields unique to CloudM Automate, based on key-value pairs. The key is the predefined text field configured at the root OU and the value is either a text or boolean (Yes / No) data type which is populated per user profile.

In an office using phone extensions, creating a custom field with the key 'Extension' and setting the value data type to 'Text', each user profile would have an Extension field that can be populated with their own unique extension number. The same principal can be used to configure other information such as personal LinkedIn URLs which can then be added to email signatures automatically using attribute placeholders.

Any custom field information can be added to email signatures using attribute placeholders.


When adding a field  the following options are available:



  • Name: The name (key) for the custom field.
  • Type: The data type of the custom field value (text, boolean, decimal number, whole number, date, phone or email)
  • Editable: Editable fields can be added to profiles, whereas non-editable fields cannot. If the field has already been added before editing is disabled, it remains on the profile but cannot be edited.
  • Schema: The Google Workspace schema that will be synced. 'No Sync' will not sync with Google Workspace. 'CloudManager' (CloudM Automate) will sync with Google Workspace to a custom schema called 'CloudManager'.
  • Field: The associated field in the selected Google Workspace schema to sync with.
  • Position: (Hidden; only those with 'View Hidden' permissions can the field or Before/After options to choose a display order
  • Multi Valued: Enabling this allows multiple values of the same field to be added to profiles.


Google Workspace Custom Schema Limitations

There are some technical limits to the use of custom schemas within Google Workspace which are important to consider

  • The maximum number of custom fields allowed in an account is 100.
  • The maximum number of characters allowed in a field name is 500.
  • The characters allowed in custom schemas and field names are alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), hyphens .
  • Changing the type of a field is not allowed.
  • A single-valued field can be made multi-valued, but the inverse operation is not allowed.
  • It is not possible to rename custom schemas or fields


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