Google Dynamic Groups

Google Dynamic Groups are only available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity premium accounts. You can create up to 100 Google Dynamic Groups per domain, by default. 

Please note that a Sync operation will likely be needed to synchronize Google Dynamic Groups with the Google Directory.


Google Dynamic Groups are, as named, groups that are created in Google that use membership queries to dynamically add and remove users from the group. CloudM Automate will then use these groups to automate onboarding tasks in the same way as a CloudM Automate Group. 

CloudM Automate allows you to create, update and delete Google Dynamic Groups in the user interface, and also syncs to any Google Dynamic Group created in Google Workspace, placing it within the Google Dynamic Groups table. 


To navigate to the Google Dynamic Groups page, select Directory > Google Dynamic Groups.


In the Groups table, you can view a list of all the Groups that have been created on your domain, organized using the following fields:

  • Name - The name of the Group
  • Description - A short description that explains the purpose of the Group.
  • Email Address - The email address for the Groups
  • Members - The number of users currently added to the specific Groups


Clicking on a Google Dynamic Group will bring up the profile panel for the Group. Selecting Edit will allow you to edit the Group settings including the name, email and membership search query used. Selecting the Actions button will present the following actions that can be performed for all members of the Group:

  • Automate Roles - Apply roles to all users within the Google Dynamic Group. Please refer to the Assigning Roles article for more details.
  • Export Items- Export all users in the Google Dynamic Group into a .csv or Google spreadsheet.
  • Delete Group- Permanently delete the Google Dynamic Group from your domain. Members will be removed from the group.
  • Send Email- Send an email to the Google Dynamic Group email address 
  • Advanced Settings- Administrative settings for the Google Dynamic Group
  • View Group Messages - View all previous group conversations.
  • Convert to Smart Team - Convert the Google Dynamic Group to a Smart Team. This process will remove the Group from the Google Dynamic Groups list.


You can also see the number of Google Dynamic Groups that can still be created on the domain (Count of groups that can be created) and administrators can edit this count if they have the Edit Max Dynamic Group Count permission. This can be done by selecting the Options button (three vertical dots), selecting the Set Max Group Count option and changing the amount in the pop-up box.

As stated, the maximum number of Dynamic Groups is currently 100, and this is a set limit by Google. When the maximum Group Count is reached, the Create New Group option will be disabled.


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