Create a Dynamic Contact


There are two ways to create a Smart Contact:


Create a Dynamic Contact from an Organizational Unit

You can quickly turn any Organizational Unit into a Group by:

  1. Selecting Directory > Org Units.
  2. Select the Organizational Unit that you wish to convert. The informational panel will slide in from the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Actions > Create Smart Contacts
  4. Follow the creation wizard (as described later in this article).


The search query will already configured to automatically add any member added to the OU to the Smart Contact Group as well.


Using predefined tags and the People Finder Search Bar

  1. Configure a new domain wide predefined tag e.g. 'Manager' 
  2. Apply this tag to the user accounts which require the specific deprovisioning policy
  3. Perform an advanced search to return these accounts in the people finder. In this case, the required search term is 'tags:(Manager)'
  4. Expand the actions menu from the search results and select 'Create Smart Contacts'
  5. Follow the creation wizard (as described later in this article).


Create new Smart Contacts creation wizard

Regardless of the method that you have used above, you will be brought to the Create new Smart Team screen. Select Create Smart Contact Group when all required fields have been set.


  • Name - Enter a name for your Dynamic Contact group.
  • Description - Enter a brief description of the Dynamic Contact group.
  • Search query - The search query field will already be populated to search for members of the Organizational Unit or the search criteria you used to create the list (e.g. using tags).
  • Contact Group Users - Select Add to specify who the contact group will be shared with.



When a Dynamic Contact is created, the Google People API adds the contact to both the Dynamic Contact name label and to the "Contacts" label. This is so that contacts also appear on mobile devices.

However, when the Contact is deleted, it is only removed from the Dynamic Contact name label, and not the "Contacts" label (as there is currently no way to know if the Contact was already in the "Contacts" label prior to the creation of the Dynamic Contact).

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