Can I change my Primary Domain Name without affecting CloudM Automate? 

No, there is currently no way for CloudM Automate to be aware of domain name changes.

However, you can export and import some of the information stored in CloudM Automate.


A lot of your information in CloudM Automate is already influenced by Google. However not all, so several steps are required in order to have a copy of your own profile data to be re-imported once CloudM Automate is re-installed on the new domain name. 


Export user profile data

Firstly, you will need to go to your Root Organisation and then, from the Actions menu in the top right, select Export Items



You will be presented with a menu item asking what format you want your file to be in, and if you want to export all the child Organization Units. It is important that you enable this.

Child Organization Units

Make sure you enable the Export the profiles of the child OUs option by putting a tick in the checkbox.


Once you have enabled this option, select the format you want and click the Export button.


Export external contacts

After this is done, go to the External Contacts OU (if you have any) and export those too, using the same method described above. 


Lost Data

Smart Groups will be lost and they will just be manual items in Google Workspace. Any custom roles or OU rules you have in place will also be lost.


Exporting email signatures

Go to Email Signatures, click on "Tools" and then "Source Code" and then copy all the text shown into a text file that can be copied from later back into CloudM Automate.


Multiple Email Signatures

Make sure that you copy / export all the signatures you have across your OUs - e.g. and sub OUs that have their own Explicit email signature.


Export source code option:


HTML source code



You can now use the data from the 3 steps above as an import into your new domain and new install of CloudM Automate:

  1. User profile data
  2. External contacts data
  3. Email signatures
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