Once you have chosen the Organizational Unit or Smart Team you want to edit (on the Directory > Profile Fields screen), select the Inheritance tab. 

The Inheritance tab (also known as the Profile Property Inheritance tab) allows you to set whether specific information from the Organizational Unit or Smart Team will be displayed on the profiles of all users within the Org Unit or Smart Team. For example, whilst your Organizational Unit or Smart Team may be based at a specific address (e.g. Manchester Office), some users within the group may not work from the address so you may not want the address to appear on their profile.

Inheritance fields can either be:

  • Organizational Units - Set for the parent OU and inherited, or explicitly set for each OU. 
  • Smart Teams - Set to Enable to apply the policy to all users in the Smart Team, or to Disable to force the user's profile to be set by the next Smart Team (set to Enable) they are part of, or the Organizational Unit if the user isn't part of any enabled Smart Team. 


If set to explicit or enabled, you can set whether the following elements (set on the Organizational Unit or Smart Team level) will be displayed on the user profile by placing a tick in the specific checkbox and selecting Save to confirm the change:

  • Addresses
  • Telephone
  • Web Links
  • Extra Information



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