Profile Fields

The Profile Fields screen (Director y> Profile Fields) allows you to set profile field properties that can be used and displayed on User Profiles for specific Organizational Units or Smart Teams, including inheritance of values and the fields that must be completed by a user when they login for the first time.



The 4 tabs that you can use are:

  • InheritanceSet whether the following items from a Organizational unit (or Smart Team) will be displayed in profiles within the Organizational unit (or Smart Team) and available in search results for the profiles. The inherited information will not be editable in the profiles and can only be controlled at Organizational Unit or Smart Team level.
  • Predefined Extra Information - Set predefined values that a user can choose from for each field. By setting predefined values, you can ensure that the values are consistent, there are no spelling or formatting errors, and they are easier to search for. 
    • For example, you may want to avoid users using different variations of their department name (e.g. Development, Soft Dev, Software Development or Dev Team), so you could set "Software Development" as the only option they can choose from the list of approved department names.
    • Predefined Extra Information can only be set on the Root Organizational Unit.
  • Profile Display Order - Set which elements will be displayed on a user profile (for the specific Organizational Unit or Smart Team) and the order in which they will be shown.
  • Profile Mandatory Fields - Set the fields that must be completed by a user before they can use CloudM Automate. 


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