Create a new user


Please note that, due to Google limitations, the user name (primary email) must adhere to the naming conventions described in this article.

For example, accented letters, ampersands, and other characters such as "ł" cannot be added, and will cause an error.


To create a new user on CloudM Automate:

  • Navigate to the Users screen (Directory > Users).
  • Select the Create new user button at the top of the screen.
  • You will be taken to the Create new user screen.
  • On the first screen (Basics), you will be required to fill in the basic details for the user. These are:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Primary Email
    • Domain
      • You should only be able to see your domain.
    • Licenses - Assign a Google license to the user account. CloudM Automate supports all the License SKUs listed in this Google article, with the exception of Google Voice, Cloud Identity and Cloud Identity Premium SKUs.
      • Select Add
      • Click on the Product Name dropdown menu and select the product name of the licenses you want to assign. All license types are displayed and it is up to you, as a business, to ensure that you have available licenses to assign.
      • Click on the SKU Name dropdown menu and select the required SKU. Only SKU names associated to the chosen license Product Name will be displayed.
    • Password / Repeat Password
      • Enter a Password that meets the Password Policy set for the domain. You can find the setting in Administrate > Security on the root Organizational Unit. Please refer to the Password Policy article for more information. 
      • In the Repeat Password field, make sure you repeat the exact password used in the Password field. 
      • Underneath the Password fields, you will see a color graded scale to show the strength of the entered password (from red for a weak password to green for a strong password).  
    • Force a password change on next login
      • Place a tick in the checkbox to prompt the user to change the password when they next login to CloudM Automate.


  • Select Next.
  • On the next screen (Organization), you can set where the User sits within your Organizational structure. Settings that you can be configured are:
    • Organizational Unit - Choose the Organizational Unit (OU) that you want the User to be a member of.
    • Groups - Add the user to the Smart Teams or Groups that you want them to be a member of.
    • Offboarding date - You can use the calendar to select the date that the user will be offboarded from the domain. This is especially useful to set where you want to give the user temporary access to your domain (e.g. a Contractor on a set contract term).


  • Select Next,
  • On the final screen (User details), you can set the user's employment details, including:
    • Job Title
    • Company
    • Department
    • Employment
    • Description
    • Addresses
    • Tags


  • Select Create User.
  • The User will be created and will be displayed in the User list.


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