Domain Stats

Providing a management overview of offboarding activity is a complex task to achieve without CloudM Automate automation. A number of critical steps are required and, without automation tools, they require manual effort - which can be prone to error and delays.

CloudM Automate logs data throughout the offboarding process across your domain. Meaning the data can more easily be surfaced into the Offboarding Status dashboard (Automate> Offboarding Status) and exported for more detailed analysis.



 The offboarding dashboard has 4 main areas.

  1. Filter options (where you can specify the Organizational Unit to view offboarding stats for)
  2. Offboarding Counters and Adoption chart (showing an overview of offboarding activity that has taken place or is scheduled to take place for the specified Organizational Unit)
  3. Offboarding Status Snapshot (where you can see the live overview of the status of current offboarding processes)
  4. Transferred Items (details the number of specific items that have been transferred in the last month, calendar year and all-time)


You can export the data for the filtered view for further analysis if required.


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