Migrating from Box

This guide will show how to configure Box as a source configuration

For Box this is defined by the following requirements:

  1. Creating a Box Application for a Client ID and Client Secret Key
  2. Box Application Source Steps
  3. Migrating to Google Workspace Section
  4. Migrating to Microsoft 0365 OneDrive/SharePoint Section
  5. Address Replacement Reminder

Configure Destination Platform - Box

Creating a Box Application for a Client ID and Client Secret Key

  1. Log into your Box account as an administrative user for your organization: https://app.box.com/developers/console
  2. Navigate to Dev Console.
  3. Navigate to My Apps.
  4. Select Create New App.
  5. Select Enterprise Integration.
  6. On the Authentication Method screen, select Standard OAuth 2.0 (User Authentication).
  7. Give your application a name such as ‘CloudM Migration’.
  8. In the section OAuth 2.0 Credentials copy the Client ID and Client Secret Key values.
  9. Update the Redirect URI field with the below URL: https://oauth.pingone.com/ocs/ppm/rest/v1/oauth/oastempcredresponse/
  10. Select Save Changes.

Enabling Enterprise Features

After creating a Box application, you will be required to email Box support to enable the following features:

Box Notifications

      1. Go to the Box support area of the website and create a new ticket.
      2. You will be prompted to login if not already logged in and you should sign in using a BOX Admin account. 
      3. A dialog window may appear. Click continue.
      4. In the support form that you now see, enter the following details: 
        • What can we help you with? - 'Developer/API Issue'
        • Briefly summarize your issue / question? - Suppress Notifications scope.
        • API Key - In this field, enter the client_id you made a note of when creating a Box.com application.
        • Give us more details - Please enable the Suppress Notifications scope for our app.
        • Priority - Normal

BOX Developer Console

    • Ensure that the "Make API calls using the as user header" checkbox is checked.

If any changes are made to the application, they must be resubmitted, then you much click on the Authorise tab, and then Review and Submit.

2023-09-28 14_04_31-JWTCloudMTest _ Box Developers.png

Navigate to the Admin Console, locate the application in the list and and hover over the application to display the more menu “ three dots” and then "Reauthorize app".

2023-09-28 14_08_24-The CloudMigrator _ Powered by Box.png

2023-09-28 14_06_46-The CloudMigrator _ Powered by Box.png

Box Application Source Steps

Steps to take and enter account details in the source platform area.

  • Client ID - the client id that is generated by Box when creating a Box application.
  • Client Secret - the client secret generated by Box.
  • Redirect Uri - https://<domain_you’re_using>/api/boxexport/callback
  • Admin Email - the Box Enterprise administration email address used to login into Box.
  • Test User Name - login email address of a non-admin user within the system to test. This user must have the active status in Box.
  • Authorization Code - the authorization code is generated when following the OAuth2 process.

Address Replacement Reminder

If changing email addresses as part of the migration verify that the domain names are correct. Also specify Address Replacement in the respective section of the advanced settings.

CloudM Migrate Configuration

Choose Box.com as the migration source and enter your Box.com settings into CloudM Migrate and then click next.


  • Admin Email - The email address of an admin account within your box environment.
  • Test User Name - The email of a non-admin account within your box environment.
  • Authorisation Code - Clicking the 'Grant Access to Box' will redirect you to a Box.com page where you can manually authorise CloudM Migrate. Upon doing so you will be taken back to CloudM Migrate and the authorisation code will be populated automatically.

CloudM Migrate will now perform a small connection test to verify that the details you have entered are correct. If this fails, you may have entered something incorrectly.

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