Migrating from Generic IMAP

This guide will show how to configure IMAP as a source configuration

For IMAP this is defined by the following requirements:

IMAP Overview

Select the credentials (username and password) of the administrator account within the IMAP environment. When migrating from Gmail to IMAP select less secure apps in order to gain access. IMAP will not migrate contacts and calendars this is expected behavior.

Following these prerequisites, steps are required before continuing onto the CloudM Migrate setup.

How to specify the IMAP special folders?

The following guide shows how to specify IMAP special folders within CloudM Migrate.

Step-by-step guide

When migrating from a Generic IMAP system, you must specify the name of several special folders in CloudM Migrate. This needs to be done to ensure that migrated messages end up in the correct destination folders when items are migrated. The setting to specify special folders can be found in the ‘Generic IMAP Source Platform Migration Settings’.

If your IMAP server does not support one of the special folders, please leave that setting empty

You should specify the special folder names as they appear in your system. These settings may differ between IMAP servers.


Listing IMAP Folders

A useful utility has been provided in the Projects page. When the IMAP server configuration settings are complete, this tool can be run to list the folders for the test account name. From this list you should be able to identify the special folders as they appear in your system

Mapping Original Values

When you have listed the folders from your IMAP server, you should then map them, manually replacing the "Value" in the 'IMAP Special Folders Names' list above.

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