GroupWise Configuration

This guide will show how to configure GroupWise as a source configuration


For GroupWise this is defined by the following requirements:

  1. Server Details
  2. Creating Application Key and Trusted Name.

Server Details

Following the steps are required to effectively set up GroupWise in the source configuration.

  • GroupWise Version select the version from the drop down.
  • Server Address is required when entering this information in to the source configuration
  • Provide or enter the Admin Password for the GroupWise server.

Additional information as Groupwise as a source can be located at the GroupWise Source Advanced Options.

Creating Application Key and Trusted Name.

  • Open the GroupWise Administration Console in the web browser.
  • Go to System - Trusted Applications
  • Select New in the Trusted Applications window.
  • A popup for a New Trusted App Key will appear. Type GroupWise Mailbox Management in the Name field.
  • Select OK
  • You can either copy the key or select Export to save it as a TXT file to ensure you do not lose the key.
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