Managed Domains

It is now possible for users to be given permission to access a domain or domains that they are not a member of, essentially allowing an external contact to manage users on your domain (or allowing you to manage users on another domain), based on the permissions that have been granted to them on the specific domain. For information on how to set this feature, please refer to the Allowing domain access to an external profile or group article.

This feature is especially helpful where domains are managed by a third party, or where an administrator needs access over several domains (such as different brands) within the same company. 


Exclamation.png All managed domains must be for the same destination platform (Google Workspace or Microsoft).


To access (and manage) an external domain:

  1. Log in to your domain,
  2. Navigate to the Directory > Managed Domains section. Alternatively, select the Profile icon (represented by your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen),


  1. Select the Switch Domain button,
  2. You will see a header banner appear at the top of the screen. 


    • If you know the name of the domain you require, select the Search for domain search field and select the domain from the list. Entering text into the search field will filter the list of domains accordingly. Once a domain is selected, click on the Switch Domain button in the header banner.
    • If you wish to view a list of all of the domains that you have permission to manage, select View all domains instead. This will take you to the Managed Domains screen, which can also be navigated to manually in the Automate section
        • On the Managed Domains screen, you will also be able to quickly review information about the domain, such as the number of Active Users, Suspended Users, Contacts and Groups.


  1. Selecting a domain address link will open that domain in the same window (so you cannot have multiple domains open at the same time), and does not require you to sign in.
  2. Once on the domain, you can perform any action that you have been granted permission to use. A message at the top of the screen will be displayed, stating that you are logged on to the domain as an external admin.
  3. To navigate back to your own domain, simply select the link at the top right of the page, and if you wish to navigate to a different domain, select the Switch Domain link.



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