Dynamic Contacts

Please note, this feature is currently not available in CloudM Automate for Microsoft


Dynamic contacts allow you to create dynamic contact groups that can easily be shared out with individuals or groups across your organisation. 

Contacts will be synchronised to your Gmail Contacts across both web and mobile devices.


To edit Dynamic Contacts, you will need to have both the Automate Smart Contacts and Automate Groups permissions assigned.


Smart Contacts Group Example

All users with the tag 'manchester support' are added to a Dynamic Contacts group called Manchester Support Staff which will be synchronised to the selected users Contacts.



When a Dynamic Contact is created, the Google People API adds the contact to both the Dynamic Contact name label and to the "Contacts" label. This is so that contacts also appear on mobile devices.

However, when the Contact is deleted, it is only removed from the Dynamic Contact name label, and not the "Contacts" label (as there is currently no way to know if the Contact was already in the "Contacts" label prior to the creation of the Dynamic Contact).


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