Offboarding Performance Tips

During the offboarding process, CloudM Automate can transfer the offboarded user's mail. The transfer is on a user-by-user basis and, if offboarding large numbers of users, it can take a very long time. The following can help improve the performance of the transfer.

  1. Change the offboarding policies in CloudM Automate, so that the offboarded users will migrate mail to separate user accounts rather than transferring the mail into one account. The offboarding policy will need to be changed with every offboarded user, changing the email address to the specific destination user every time. See the screenshot below.
    • The advantage of this is that you can prioritize which user processes first as the offboarding options become available after each run.


  1. Use CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted to first migrate the mail over to the destination before you start offboarding, once the mail has been migrated you can start the offboarding without enabling the option for transferring the mails. This will significantly speed up your offboarding process as CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted can handle multiple migrations at the same time.

Both of these workarounds will need you to cancel the currently running offboarding process. 

If you need licenses for CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted, please contact your account manager. 


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