Export Offboarding Status details


This feature is only available for Google domains


There is an Export option on both the Processing and Historic tabs that allows you to export Offboarding Status details to either a CSV or Google Sheet, and can be used to troubleshoot issues in your offboarding processes (such as stalling or failed steps).


To export the Offboarding Status details:

  1. Select Automate > Offboarding Status.
  2. Go to either the Processing or Historic tab as required.
  3. If required, use the search options to filter the results in the list. This is especially useful where you have numerous results in the list but only want to focused on Failed statuses, for example.
  4. Select Export.

offboarding status.png

  1. A pop up box will appear asking if you would like the results to be sent in CSV (as an Email Attachment, sent to your user name address) or Google Sheets format (that will appear in your Google Drive).


  1. Select Export again to confirm.
  2. The results will be sent in the format specified, and will only include the results listed on the screen (as filtered).


To use the results for troubleshooting:

  1. Open the CSV or Google Sheet.
  2. Find the result that is causing issues.
  3. Copy and paste the long code string (Base64 format) under the Step column.
  4. Open up a Base64 decode app or website - www.base64decode.org
  5. Copy and paste the Base64 code string into the relevant field and select Decode.
  6. The resulting code can now be read by either your IT team or provided to our Support Team to analyse where any issues in the Offboarding process have occurred.


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