Historic tab

Data retention period

The offboarding reports specific to a user are retained for 12 months, after that, they will be removed from the historic section.


The Historic tab (AutomateOffboarding Status) allows you to quickly view all completed offboarding processes (including successful, failed and aborted statuses). Processes will be moved from the Processing tab to the Historic tab after 7 days.

If you encounter issues after an offboarding process has completed (e.g. items migrated to another user are missing or not in the expected location), you can use the historic log to troubleshoot these problems.



You can see the User that was offboarded, when the process was started and finished, the step that completed the workflow and the status of the final step. For example, if the workflow is aborted, the current step will be the step that was being processed when the abort action was initiated.

Additionally, you can filter the list by Status (All, Aborted, Failed - Archived, Successful) or by searching for a specific user.



If you want to see more information regarding the offboarding process for a specific user, select the name of the user to prompt a panel to slide in from the right hand side.

You can also select a particular step to view additional information (such as the number of items successfully processed or skipped / failed, recipient names and labels, and new user ID etc.) Please note that the statistics displayed for recently completed processes may not be fully up to date.

Failed steps will also provide additional information on why the workflow failed so that you can troubleshoot the error.



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