What reporting does CloudM Migrate provide?

Reporting is applicable to all platforms, and will report any supported feature e.g. Folders, emails, files, etc.

When a migration is underway, statistical information is available on the 'In Progress' page. It is possible to drill-down by clicking on the numbers in the user information list. Drilling-down gives detailed information on the status of every item processed during the migration. It will also provide the reason for the import or export failure of any items.

CloudM Migrate produces both CSV and HTML reports for a migration. A single HTML report can be generated that contains information about the migration for all users, or individual reports can be generated on a per-user basis. These individual reports can be provided to end users to inform them about the migration status of their account. Configuration of reporting can be done under 'Config Settings (Step 4) > Advanced Settings > Reporting'.


Reports contain the following information:

  • The configuration settings used for the migration.
  • Statistical information about the migration.
  • Details for any individual items that failed to migrate.

It is also possible to optionally customize the migration reports by configuring an image and providing an alternate report title.

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